Best Old Gold Coins – Value and Price

Moneda Macuquina mexico oro

It has always been said that gold is a safe value and the reason for this is that its value is always on the rise. It is true that it goes through some descent, but, sooner or later, it ends up recovering.

A good investment is to buy certified old gold coins known around the world. These are usually designed to the one-ounce standard, so that their value is not difficult to determine.

Gold is a precious metal that is often used not only as a garment to show off the symbol of purity, royalty and value, it is also a powerful conductor of electricity and resistant to corrosion, it is used in electronics and industrially.

One of the main objectives of the alchemists who specialized in working metal, was to reproduce gold with other substances. It is one of the metals traditionally used to mint coins. Gold coins are pieces minted totally or partially with this metal.

There are still some that are legal tender, or that are used as investments, but the vast majority of these unique pieces belong to collections. All of them have a numismatic value that rises or falls over time, susceptible to global historical changes.

Gold coins are not as pure as bullion or bars, which are made of 99.99% pure gold (known as 24 karat) and their value matches their weight. These little pieces usually have a variable grade starting at 22 carats.

Its value fluctuates at the same rate as the currency market and must comply with several factors such as: rarity, time of issue, former owners, age, historical context in which it was minted, among others.

These aspects are what will determine whether the coin can be auctioned or sold.


The most expensive ancient gold coins in the world

If we talk about valuable and old coins, it is necessary to refer to the pieces that have been made, throughout history, with gold. Next we will name and explain the origin of some of them.


Golden Centennial

One of the best known is Mexico’s 37.5 gram gold centennial. The centennial of gold is a very special ancient gold coin because it is outside of Anglo-Saxon circles and has still achieved worldwide recognition.

The reason that it is called centennial is that it would be created to celebrate the 100 years of the independence of Mexico with Spain (1921).


Double eagle

Doble aguila 20 dolares 1933

The Double Eagle, or Double Eagle in Spanish, is one of the last gold coins to be made, so it never came into circulation because it was minted at the time of the great depression. The president of the United States of the time, Franklin D. Roosevelt, had them melted to avoid the gold hoarding.

One of the workers kept 10 of these coins, but in 1937 the secret service located the pieces and destroyed them. However, one of them survived, reaching the hands of King Frauq for 50 years.

When the monarch was overthrown, the United States claimed the Double Eagle, but it had no effect. For 4 years they lost track of him.

Stephen Fenton, a London coin dealer, tried to sell the coin for 1.6 million dollars, but his buyers were undercover agents, they seized the piece and he was in court for a long time.

The US Treasury won the coin and its legal value was recognized. This is the only piece that remains of the gold minting made in 1933. When the National Treasury auctioned it in 2002, the buyer had to pay $ 7.6 million and another $ 20 at face value.


American Eagle

american eagle

Another interesting old coin is the American Eagle from the USA. It would be created and authorized by the Government in 1986 with the aim that American investors could buy precious metals with all the security guarantees.

It is characterized by having the image of the goddess Liberty on one of its faces and an eagle on the other.


Gold Sovereign

Gold Sovereign de 1489

It is a circulation currency of the United Kingdom, but for a few decades it has been conceived as a reserve currency.

Its first mintage is in 1489, by order of Henry VII of England. Although they were not issued on a very regular basis. After the death of the monarch, its minting became more erratic, until it ceased in 1604 and was replaced by gold guineas.

Its minting became a fact again in 1817, where the British government determined its physical and technical characteristics, which are still valid.

In the First World War the Gold Sovereign were spread throughout almost the entire British Empire and their minting periods fluctuated until 1957, when the government of the United Kingdom resumed the minting of these coins under the figure of gold reserve currency without circulatory force as money, being destined only to numismatics.


The Noble

El Noble 1342

This ancient coin was minted in 1342, it is a gold coin that on its reverse has the design of a florim and on its obverse is the figure of King Edward III, with his drawn sword and accompanied by a shield.

It is one of the first gold coins of the European category, a continent that issued a system of monetary exchange called noble, which included the middle and the quarter of noble

This coin was auctioned for $ 6.8 million.

Umayyad Gold Dinar

Dinar de oro Umayyad 723 d.c

Valued at $ 6 million, this gold coin is neither American nor European. It was minted in Damascus in AD 723 with gold from a mine owned by Caliph Umayyad, who extended his entire caliphate from Africa to Cordoba, Spain, with rudimentary inscriptions.

It is one of the rarest and most expensive Arab coins in the world.


Brasher Doubloon

doblón brasher

A jeweler from New York, United States, named Ephraim Brasher, asked the state for the power to make his own coins. Although the competent entities refused, few coins were left in their coffers. What makes it extremely valuable is its rarity.

At an auction in 2011, they paid $ 7.4 million for this coin. The design is by Ephraim Basher himself and was minted by himself, it is a 22 carat coin.

We also want to highlight the 30 gram 2020 gold panda coin, being a coin that is made up of 100% gold.

Like all the series of this coin, on one side we will see a panda, while on the other we will find a temple. The 2020 coin is the most expensive in the entire series, and its value exceeds € 1050.


These are other interesting coins made of gold:

  • Buffalo from the United States
  • Kangaroo from Australia
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Krugerrand from South Africa
  • Maple Leaf from Canada


200 year old coins

hallazgo monedas china

In 2016, some Chinese archaeologists made a find of 50 coins made of gold, two thousand years old, in the tomb of Emperor Wu’s grandson Liu He, who held this position for only 27 days due to his death.

These coins are part of an important historical discovery in China. Seven other tombs accompany the young emperor and the burial ground for the horses that pulled the nobleman’s carriage.

Each ancient coin is estimated to weigh about 250 grams, so this finding of coins amounts to an amount greater than a million dollars only in gold, added to the age they have, makes them of a value and price much higher than their weight in gold.


Ancient Spanish Gold Coins


Centén Segoviano

The Segovian centén is the most valued ancient gold coin in history. It reached a price of € 800,000 at auction. There are 7 pieces in the world.


Golden shields

The 8 gold shields are also one of the most valuable Spanish gold coins. Those of Carlos III are bought and sold for thousands of euros.

Prices and Values ​​of a gold coin

The price of a gold coin depends on the piece itself, age, rarity, purity of the gold, but also on the price of gold.

Being an element of sale depends on the value of the quotation, supply and demand. If we search ebay, milanuncios, wallapop, jewelers or specialized forums we will find many different prices and values.


Types of ancient gold coins

We can find golden coins:

  • Spanish
  • Old American coins from the united states
  • Mexican
  • Roman
  • Greek
  • peruvian


Where to buy and where to sell a gold coin?

If you want to buy an old and certified gold coin, it is important that we make sure that you opt for an entity that gives you all the guarantees.

The option to buy in person is less and less popular, but there are still stores where you can make the purchase.

Also keep in mind that you can buy them directly from private collectors. If you don’t know where to find them, on eBay you have some interesting options.


Price of an ounce of gold and silver

Do you want to know if it is a good time to buy gold or silver? The only way to be clear is to review the current price of an ounce of each material and take a look at the price history to determine if we are facing an upward or downward trend.