Old Silver Coins – Price and Value

old silver coins

Old silver coins and other precious metals are the ones with the highest numismatic value. Silver is a precious metal that make unique pieces and many of them lost over time. Find out how and where to sell and buy silver coins.

Due to this, every day people wanting to have an old silver coin in their collection increase in the same way that happens with gold. Not only because it represents a high monetary price, but because they are the most difficult to obtain.

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When it comes to trading, silver and gold are always the ones to win. Currently the vast majority are made with other types of metals; which can cause its value to decrease.

This is why it is important to know which are the most valuable silver coins and the values of each of them.


The most expensive and valuable ancient silver coins


1804 Class I Bust Dollar

dolar de busto 1804

It is considered the “Queen of United States coins.” It is dated 1804 and began to be minted 30 years later, exactly in 1834. They were minted as diplomatic gifts for sovereigns, currently only fifteen copies are known to exist.

Therefore it is a very rare and very expensive. The price can reach 2,795,000 euros.


5 cents Liberty Head 1913 (“Hawaii Five-0” issue)

Moneda de 5 centavos Liberty Head 1913

This nickel was the most valuable, especially when compared to the initial face value.

A curious fact about her is that she appeared in the television series “Hawaii five-0” where it was only used for close-ups, while for the action shots they used a normal Liberty Head. Its approximate value is around 3,175,000 euros.


$ 1 million Gold Maple Leaf (Canada 2007)

Hoja de Arce de Oro moneda

This was the first 1 million dollar coin in the world, it was minted by Royal CanadanMint in 2007. It was made to promote the new line of Royal Canadian Mint.

These were made of both gold and silver. It sold at auction for about $ 4.03 million.


1 dollar Flowing Hair  1794

dolar flowing hair 1794

This Flowing Hair Dollar was one of the first to be minted by the United States Mint. In 2014 it sold for about $ 4.99 million in New York.

This is a coin that dates back to 1794. It was forged in silver and bronze.



The first coins that existed were made of this metal. They were noticed or began to be appreciated in Rome. During each era different coins were minted, so it is important to look for the value of the oldest silver coin.

Currently there are few pieces of which their existence is known. Hence, those pieces are kept “alive”, they have a great value. In fact they can be found in museums or are in the possession of coin collectors.

The few known ones can be sold at auctions, which implies bids at very high prices.

Denario Romano moneda

Among the earliest ancient silver coin is the Denarius. It is a coin belonging to Ancient Rome. It was minted between approximately 268 BC and 360.

In the auctions the price of this coin can start at about 1,000 or 2,000 dollars, everything will depend on the physical condition or appearance that it presents.

dracma romano

Another coin made of silver was the Drachma. It belonged to ancient Greece and was minted between 535-510 BC. Little is known about its existence, so setting a starting value in the auction market is a bit complicated.

However, its valuation can be very high, since it is a very old coin.

The Thaler is one of the oldest silver coin in Germany. They were minted in 1518 and in its time it was one of the most highly valued. Although this changed after the sovereigns of Germany and Austria began to coin larger ones.

These new coins followed the pattern set by the Thaler.

Another rare silver coins

Sestercio romano

Another coin from Ancient Rome made in silver is the Sestercio. It was also known for its “LLX” feature. It is worth mentioning that this is a coin that during the Roman Empire began to be manufactured in bronze.

It is currently unknown if there are any on the market or with a collector. While the Silver was a silver coin that was in circulation during the Roman Empire. Today it is unknown if there is a copy of this coin.

During history, some information has been collected about coins, with an emphasis mainly on the material with which they were made. That is why each time, both adults and children are fascinated by coins.

But beyond the fact of being attractive for its appearance, deep down deprives the fact of the high economic value they have.


Where to sell an old silver coin

Selling ancient silver coins can be very lucrative for you. The best sites for buying and selling are the following:

  • Online auctions such as ebay or catawiki.
  • Numismatic stores.
  • Specialized collectors
  • Ad sites to find buyers
  • Specialized fairs.

How to clean a silver coin

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