The Most Wanted Old Coins by collectors that worth money Top list


If you are passionate about coin collecting, very valuable and ancient coins, today we bring you a list of collectible coins where you will know which are the six most sought-after ancient coins in the world by collectors, American and Spanish, the most valuable coins.

Knowing what coins are collectors looking for and which is the most sought-after ancient coin, you will understand a little more about the art of numismatics, that is, coin collecting.

If you are looking for which are the coins wanted by collectors, the ones that are worth more, consult our article on the most expensive ancient coins.


What are the most wanted American old coins by collectors?

10. Old Lincoln Wheat Pennies

The Old Lincoln Wheat Pennies coins have a creation date between 1090 and 1958. Although they are still on the market, every day there are fewer, which causes their value to increase exponentially.

Although its standard value is usually not more than 10 cents, we have some exceptions.

For example, the 1909 S series has a market value that can reach more than $ 100. The most expensive are the 1995 double die (worth more than $ 1,000 and the 1943 bronze (worth more than $ 100,000).


9. Buffalo Nickels

They are coins that are characterized by having a buffalo on one of their faces. It may seem that they are not exceptional, and they are still in circulation. However, we can find some more valuable ones that do not have dates: although their value is far from impressive (they rarely exceed $ 1), it is possible to find collectors in the market who pay us much more.

In some auctions, these coins have reached the unrealistic amount of millions of dollars.

If you have one of these coins, you should take a look at it in detail.


8. Old Jefferson Nickels

They are coins that were created during the Second World War (between the years 1942-1945) and are characterized by having the large letters P, D / o printed on Monticello on the reverse side.

The less valuable Old Jefferson Nickels coins are worth $ 1.50. But things change as soon as we go to those dating from between 1930-1950; As you can imagine, these are more difficult to achieve, so the value increases considerably. Again, collectors can pay real millions for them.

However, it is so variable that it is difficult to give a precise interval.


7. Silver Coins

There are many coins that are still in circulation that feature this distinctive metal. The most common are the 10-cent coins, the classic Roosevelt “dime” or the Washington quaters (remember that some pesetas were also silver monads).

Typically, Roosevelt’s are $ 2-3, while Washington’s are $ 4-5.

If we are lucky enough to find a silver coin that has the face of Kennedy, the value will start to increase, exceeding $ 7. Some editions can be worth up to hundreds of dollars.


6. Trade Silver Dollar

trade silver dollar 1873

This was a United States trade dollar. The one dollar coins were minted by the Mint of the North American country, when silver began to decrease in price. In addition to the necessary competition with other large commercial coins that were minted in silver and were very popular in Asia.

It was in 1873 when the bill for the dollar to be issued commercially was approved, becoming the Currency Law. Immediately, the first dollars were paid and most of these were sent to China.

The American producers of silver bullion, in less time than they thought, converted it into large amounts of commercial dollars, supplying the channels of the country. This super production of Trade Silver Dollar, by bullion producers, was officially demonetized in 1876, but its circulation continued, as the minting officially continued until 1883.

Its design is the work of William Barber. This coin is valued at 2.6 million dollars.


5. Three Dollar Gold Piece

Three Dollar Gold Piece

This coin was produced by the United States Mint, from 1854 to 1889. The design on its obverse is a representation of Lady Liberty (Miss Liberty) with a headdress design typical of Native American princesses. On the reverse is a crown of corn, wheat, cotton and tobacco, the largest agricultural productions made in the United States.

More than 100,000 coins were minted in its first year of circulation. However, they were used very little, since in 1861 the American Civil War broke out, creating an economic disturbance typical of this type of armed conflict.

The rarest coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint in 1870. Its design is the work of the engraver James B. Longacre. Currently a unit of Three Dollar Gold Piece is marketed at 2.7 million dollars.


4. Double Eagle

Doble aguila 20 dolares 1933

It was a gold coin issued by the United States, its nomination was 20 dollars. It was minted at the United States Mint in Philadelphia, specifically in 1933, as one of the last gold coins that never came into circulation, as it was the time of the great depression. President Theodore Roosevelt had all but two of his copies cast, which remained in the Smithisibuan Museum.

One of the employees of the Casa de la Moneda was left with 10 units. However, in 1937, the secret service located it and destroyed nine. The remaining coin was saved and, in fact, has survived for almost 100 years. This unique piece was acquired by a collector in 2002, who invested $ 7.6 million to keep it.

The Double Eagle design was done by Robert Scot.


3. Liberty Head

Liberty Head

The 5-cent Liberty Head coin was made of nickel and struck in 1883. It was also known by the name V Nickel, due to its reverse design. It was minted to enter circulation in 1883, however, it came out in 1912. Although the five rarest coins of this type came out with the date 1913.

Its design is due to Charles Baber. Currently each unit is worth $ 5.9 million.


2. Draped Bust

dolar de busto 1804

This coin is the successor to the Amon Carter Draped Bust, it was the name they gave to the design of the American copper and silver coins, which were minted regularly from 1796 to 1807.

The first coins (the Flowing Hair dollar) did not have much acceptance, so they asked to create a different design, since they all had the same design on both sides. By decree of Congress, the design had to have certain characteristics: the presence of an eagle, stars, the word “freedom” and “United States.” It was not considered necessary to include the value of the coin, as it was distinctive in size and precious metal content.

The coin size was consistent with its value, each denomination was larger until reaching this dollar made of silver. The design author is the engraver Robert Scot. Today it is valued at $ 9.8 million.


1 Amon Carter (Flowing Hair Silver Dollar) the most wanted

dolar flowing hair 1794

Among the valuable American coins, this is the most sought after and most valuable ancient coin in the world. It is the record in numismatics with its value of 10 million dollars, thus being the most expensive piece on the list. Its high price is due not only to its rarity, condition or cultural value, but to the person who handled it: George Washington.

The United States Mint used a hand-pressing process in its mints, which is why the piece in question is so precious. The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar has a perfect definition in its drawings, so it is presumed to be one of the first 1758 dollar coins minted on October 15, 1794. These coins were personally examined by the first president of the United States , George Washington. Currently only 130 pieces survive.

On its reverse we can see an eagle, with outstretched wings, surrounded by a crown of flowers. The obverse of it shows the figure of Lady Liberty, with her hair waving to one side, surrounded by 15 stars, representing the 15 states that made up the nation.

The whereabouts of this coin between 1974 and 1920 is a complete mystery. It is known that in 1920 it was bought by a merchant, known as Colonel Green. It has had eleven owners, who have paid from $ 1,250, in 1947, to a total of $ 10 million.

So this is the complete list of coins to collect if you are rich enough.

Old coins offer collectors an opportunity to appreciate both beauty and historical significance depending on what type they decide to specialize in. Whether it be ancient Greek staters from centuries ago or classic Kennedy Half Dollars released just over 50 years ago, each specimen has something unique about it that adds character when put together with other examples in collection!.

While there are many different types of old coins available it pays off do some research beforehand if you wish focus your attention only towards certain specific ones like Ancient Greek Staters mentioned earlier – regardless whatever kind you eventually come across these old pieces always make great additions any numismatic enthusiast’s portfolio!.