The Rare 2 Euro Coins value and price


Although the two-euro (€) coins are relatively new (it began to be minted in 1999 and began to circulate in 2002.), there are already some pieces that are listed on the numismatic trading market for their special reason and rarity at a higher price at its face value (2 euros). Especially the rare euro commemorative ones. They are are circulating euro coins.

Some 2 euro are worth a fortune, the rarest and most valuable can be worth a lot of money, some more than 1,000 euros a coin!

2€ coin

The € 2 coin has been legal tender in the euro zone since January 1, 2002. As you can see in the image, it has two zones with different materials:

  • The exterior is made of cuproniquel (an alloy of copper and nickel mainly).
  • The interior is nickel with a nickel coating and an alloy of
    copper and zinc.
  • Diameter: 25.75 millimeters.
  • Weight: 8.5g
  • Thickness: 2.2 millimeters
  • Faces: Of the two faces, one is common to all the countries of the eurozone. The other specific to each country is rare. The specific one is sometimes used with a commemorative motive and are valued by collectors.

If you have two euro coins and you are wondering if they are commemorative, rare and of great value, if they are worth money, which ones are worth more, where to change and where to sell a valuable 2 euro coin, keep reading.


Rare 2 Euro Coins Types: Rarity and Estimated Values

There’s a fascinating world of rare 2 euro coins, each with its own unique value based on factors like condition, rarity, and collector interest. Among the most sought-after are:

  • 2 Euro Error Coins: These gems emerge from minting mishaps, like double strikes, off-center strikes, or missing or incorrect legends. Their scarcity can drive their value to thousands of euros.
  • 2 Euro Commemorative Coins: Crafted to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries, historic events, or iconic cultural figures. Often designed by renowned artists, these coins are highly desirable.
  • 2 Euro Trial Strike Coins: Minted during the testing phase of production, these are exceptionally rare, with only a few hundred typically in circulation.
  • 2 Euro Coins with Rare Privy Marks: Some countries add subtle private mint marks to their coins. Though minuscule and hard to spot, these marks can significantly elevate a coin’s worth.


The two euro commemorative coins

These two euro are distinguished from the rest because they are issued with a difference from the standard ones.

Member states that have the euro as legal currency change the national side of the coin for a commemorative reason. The minting of these 2 euro commemorative coins began in 2004.

Although this currency is European, each of the countries that uses them can issue two commemorative pieces each year.

These coins have the same characteristics and properties and the same common side as the normal coins. What makes them different is their commemorative design on the national side.

Only the € 2 denomination can be used for commemorative coins. Perhaps you did not know that they can be used without problems in all the countries of the euro zone. That means they can be used, and must be accepted, like any other legal tender.

The first rare commemorative 2 euro coin was issued in 2004.


What are the most expensive and valuable commemorative rare 2 euro coins

Each year each country in the European Union can issue up to two highly prized 2-euro commemorative coins. Those issues from small countries such as Monaco, San Marino or Vatican City are the rarest, most expensive and most valuable € 2 commemorative coins. Some are worth a fortune.

With the passage of time the old coin value increases and they can reach many thousands of euros, so it is a good idea to collect all the commemorative two-euro coins as coin buyers can pay a lot for them.


The most valuable 2 Euro coins worth a fortune

List with the detail of photos and images all the most wanted two euro coins in the world that are worth money for a coin collector, most wanted, expensive and rare with guide values ordered by those that are worth more and their approximate market price.

Remember that probably the more years go by, the more the values of all the euro coins on the list will rise.

2 Euros Coin Current value
Grace Kelly Mónaco 2007 500€-1500€
800 años Mónaco 2015 500€-1000€
S mark greek money 500€-1000€
Tribute year of physics 2005 100€-200€
vacant headquarters 2005 100€-150€
Portugal 2008 Error MAP European union 100€-150€
Vatican 100€-120€
Finnish Currency 2004 90€-100€
Benedict XVI 90€-100€
Citta del Vaticano 30€-40€
Francisco I 2014 20€-30€


Grace Kelly’s 2007 Monaco 2 Euro Coin (Approximately € 1,500)

This commemorative coin was created in honor of the immortal actress, Grace Kelly. It was released on the market for 2007, in a series of very limited currencies. Collectors could pay around 600 euros for it, although some have paid more than 1,000 euros. It is the most wanted, expensive 2 euro coin.

Grace Kelly was probably best known for her starring roles during Hollywood’s Golden Age, but she also became Princess of Monaco from 1956 until her death in 1982; her after marrying Prince Rainier III.

Monaco minted a special coin with actress Grace Kelly, who later became princess of the principality, in 2007. The piece was to commemorate the 25th anniversary of her death in 1982.

In 2007, the principality decided to commemorate the 25th anniversary of her death by minting a € 2 coin with her.


Monaco 2015 – Fortress 800 years anniversary (with approximate value € 1000)

This rare coin was commemoratively minted in 2015 by Monaco to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the construction of the fortress. It is another of the most sought after in France. It is a valuable coin an its market price is around € 1000 and it had an issue of 10,000 units. It is one of the most expensive.


Greece 2002 2 euro coin with S mark (with values of € 1000)

moneda 2 euros grecia 20022 euros griegos




The 2002 Greek two-euro coin had a mintage of over 75 million. This rare euro coin shows the same mosaic as any other coin minted since the country joined euro in 2001.

The mosaic scene, which is Spartan and dates from the 3rd century AD, shows Princess Europa being kidnapped by the god Zeus in the form of a bull, a story from Greek mythology. Every two-euro coin since the country joined the Eurozone in 2001 has featured the kidnapping of the Phoenician princess Europa by Zeus, in the form of a bull. It is an ancient Greek myth.
Because Greece only joined the Eurozone in 2001, it was unable to start minting coins as early as other member states. Therefore, several coins circulating in 2002 were not minted in Athens but in Finland, as shown by S.

The 2002 2 euro Greek (left) shows a Spartan mosaic from the 3rd century AD. Some versions feature an ‘S’ in the lower star (right), showing that it was minted in Finland.

However, what is rarer of this greek euro coin are the versions that feature an ‘S’ struck in one of the stars at the bottom. This means Suomi, which is Finland in Finnish, as this is where these coins were minted, not in Athens.

While it is not a mistake, it does mean that you could be seriously in the money if you are in possession of one.

This greek coin is listed on Ebay for over 500, and many have a starting price in the thousands.


Coin Tribute year of physics san marino 2005 (Value € 200)

At the time of 2005, San Marino came to design some 130 thousand special coins, for the year of physics. In it Galileo is represented, in the part of the outer ring appear the twelve stars of the Union. Among the stars, you can see parts of a stylized atom that cover the entire San Marino coin. It can cost up to € 280


Vacant Vatican Seat 2005 (values of € 150)

These coins were issued after the death of John Paul II, by the time around 8 sets of coins were released, their price at the time was one single euro.

But currently the price of this commemorative coin varies, reaching between € 165 and € 170.


Portugal 2008 wrong map (Value 150€)

The error within this coin is that it has a wrong and incomplete map in which the countries that joined the European Union a few years earlier are missing, its value is around € 150.


It is worth a Vatican (values of € 120) €

She celebrated the 75th anniversary of the creation of the city. On the reverse side, there is a plan of the basilica, St. Peter’s Square and the fortifications designed to protect St. Peter’s tomb. The total issue was 85,000 coins. For the right collector it can cost € 120.


Finland 2004 2 Euro Coin (Value € 100)

dos € finlandia

The 2004 enlargement of the European Union was the largest expansion of the bloc, with the accession of new members such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Finland was the only EU country to minted a coin in commemoration of the bloc’s enlargement in 2004. 995,000 of these special coins were issued.

The design features a stylized pillar from which the shoots grow upwards, to represent the enlargement of the EU.

In June and July 2004 995,000 of these € 2 Finnish euros were issued. If you are lucky enough to own one, they have been listed on Ebay for up to 100.


Benedicto XVI (Values 40€)

This belongs to the first series of coins that have the image of Pope Benedict XVI engraved.

In several sale and purchase web portals, we can find it in a price range of € 90-100.


Citta del Vaticane (Value 30€)

The Vatican coin was issued from the year 2002, they bear the image of John Paul II and appear the letters “GVUPINC” which are the initials of the engravers Guido Veroi and Uliana Pernazza, INC by Incisore. They have the numbers KM 347 the 1 Euro coin and the 348 the 2.


La Francisco I 2014 Vatican City (Values € 30)

These have the image of the current pope, although his election was given in 2013, the decision had already been made to change it for that same year.

The design of the coins was made by Patrizio Daniele. For coin lovers its price is approximately € 25.


What makes a € 2 coin valuable and rare?

There are several factors, to take into account, to value a € 2 collectible coin as valuable and expensive, these factors are those that we will list below:


1. Number of times it was printed

One of the things that mainly have to be considered when valuing a coin is the exact number of times they were minted, that is, how many coins the “Mint” produced.

Normally that case can be seen, when coins are minted for special occasions, commemorations or specific holidays, it is not so much because of the fact that they can be different, but that they are extremely rare.


2. Errors in the coin

Another factor that may be relevant for the price is when the coin has printing errors and their rarity.

The printing error is actually more common than it seems, what happens is that sometimes they tend to be subtle and not very obvious. Although as a general rule, coins that have any type of error, can still have their market price and are still used in a normal way.


3. Current coin state

Finally, one of the factors, which are also important and influential in diagnosing whether a € 2 coin is valuable or not and its price is the state of conservation in which it is found.

In order to give an assessment of the current state, most collectors tend to examine various world coin catalogs, they can also resort to the expert opinion of a bank or museum, others come to consult within online forums, who are dedicated to the subject of numismatics.


Where to sell valuable 2 euro coins

If you are thinking of exchanging or selling your heirloom or checking if you really have a valuable piece of two €, these are the recommended sites to obtain better exchange prices:

  • Ebay: Ebay has a lot of numismatic trading movement, a good place to start.
  • Traditional numismatic shops: Believe it or not, for sure in your city there are shops for the sale of old coins.
  • Wallapop: This app is to see more used for the exchange and sale of old objects.